Glen Point’s Commitment to the Environment

Glen Point Capital supports and provides funding to Synchronicity Earth, an innovative, research-driven funder which catalyses conservation action for overlooked and underfunded species, regions and ecosystems.

Synchronicity Earth works to identify critical yet somewhat neglected conservation threats in some of the most biodiverse regions on Earth, focusing on interventions that can help to prevent species loss and ecosystem collapse.

Work funded by Synchronicity Earth ranges from captive breeding of Critically Endangered species, through support for community-based protected areas to funding for advocacy and policy development to improve environmental protection. To increase the impact of its funding, Synchronicity Earth develops programmes, partnering and collaborating with others to coordinate action and to bring together a multi-faceted approach to challenges. Its core programmes comprise focuses on amphibians as a class, the Congo basin, freshwater habitats, Asian species and the High and Deep seas.

Glen Point’s Environmental, Social and Governance Framework

Applying a full Environmental, Social and Governance framework (“ESG”) to Glen Point’s investment strategies is difficult, given the nature of the instruments in which our Funds trade, and in particular our lack of focus on the corporate sector. By supporting work to actively conserve and restore the environment, where levels of biodiversity are the most threatened, we are committed to making a positive environmental impact at a company level.

For further information on Synchronicity Earth’s conservation programmes, please visit